About Us

Wiley Fry is an artist and activist living in Colorado Springs. They’ve been combining art and activism ever since a fourth grade discovery that selling beaded jewelry at a lemonade stand was a good way to raise money for Kosovar refugees. Twenty years of art and organizing work later, Wiley has gained a unique perspective on the work that goes into social change.

In 2017, Wiley had to withdraw from the local activism scene after its increasingly toxic atmosphere contributed to a mental health crisis. It absolutely sucked at the time, but through the rebuilding process that followed, Wiley developed a skillset and knowledge bank that they were pretty sure other activists could benefit from.

And thus, The Cranky Activist was born. Our goal is to promote a philosophy of activism that changes the world by changing people for the better. We cover the obvious topics like self-care and social justice, but we also do our best to teach about effective communication strategies, individual and social psychology, and permaculture design.

The artwork on the site is all hand drawn and digitized by Wiley. (You can even watch some of them being drawn over at the CA YouTube channel) The physical products are manufactured and shipped by a Print-On-Demand partner.

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