Wiley Fry is an artist, writer, and activist living in Colorado Springs.

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My 2020 Primary Thoughts

I’ve taken a big step back from sharing electoral politics thoughts online in the past couple of years, because the internet has Black and Indigenous people on it and you should listen to them instead. But in honor of the Colorado primary today, here are my current thoughts… The Presidency of the United States is …

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This Week In Permaculture – Week 1

Our property is at abut 6500 feet in elevation. Colorado Springs might be southern geographically, but in growing season terms it’s practically Canadian. Luckily, permaculture’s focus on perennials over annuals should help us make the best use of our shortened growing season. Here are some of the plants and animals we’re seeing in our garden now that spring has finally sproinged ^_^

Muslim Vocab 101

One of the frustrating aspects of watching conversations about Islam in our largely-non-Muslim society is seeing people misuse words and go uncorrected, so I wanted to go through a few of the most frequently-misused words and discuss their actual meanings. Infidel – This is a big one, and the main inspiration for this post. Living …

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Hurting the “Bad Guys”

Human history is full of righteous warriors who bravely faced their enemies and did battle against them, confident in the knowledge that they were Right, their enemies were Wrong, and any actions they took in their struggle were Justified. The thing is, throughout human history, most of them were wrong. We like to view history …

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