“I Will Join The Registry”

Since I went back to wearing hijab, I’ve had a handful of people tell me that if there’s a Muslim registry instituted, they will sign up for it.

It’s a nice sentiment, but a bit empty given the unlikelihood of a registry you voluntarily sign up for. So if you want to genuinely show solidarity and make it harder for the government to target Muslims without sweeping up a bunch of nice middle class white people at the same time, here are some steps you can take:

1. Set up a recurring donation to Muslim groups like CAIR, ISNA, or Zaytuna College that bills to your credit card.

2. Follow Muslim scholars and writers on Facebook and other social media. Examples include Hamza Yusuf, Thoughts of an Angry Hijabi, and Linda Sarsour. (Those are literally just the first three to come to mind, there are loads out there and I’m not going to try to make some sort of top ten list.)

3. Use your credit card (there’s a theme here) at the local halal grocery store or restaurant. Zabihah.com can help you find something in your area. As a bonus, you will probably find a good source of cheap lamb and fresh feta.

4. Buy tickets to shows by Muslim performers and comedians. Watch their stuff on YouTube and Netflix. Publicly link to clips on social media. MuslimFunnyFest has a good list to start with.

5. Check out the website for your local mosque and see if they have any events that are open to the public. If so, join in on those events, get to know your Muslim neighbors, and see what sort of support they need in your local area. (But try not to expect them to offer you Islam 101 if that’s not what the event is about. There are plenty of online resources for that.) Once you’ve gotten to know them, friend them on social media.

6. If you have the time and financial resources, consider travelling to a Muslim-majority country for vacation.

There are a lot of ways Muslims might be targeted that are harder to join in on, like traditionally Muslim names, or immigration records from particular countries. But taking the steps I’ve listed here can at least help obscure some of the ways Big Data might be used to target the Muslim community, and at the very least it will help you learn more, support some cool organizations, and get some tasty cheese ^_^

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