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My 2020 Primary Thoughts

I’ve taken a big step back from sharing electoral politics thoughts online in the past couple of years, because the internet has Black and Indigenous people on it and you should listen to them instead. But in honor of the Colorado primary today, here are my current thoughts…

The Presidency of the United States is an inherently harmful concentration of power that should not exist. I want to learn and work towards a future where the land’s been given back, Indigenous nations have full sovereignty, and the President of the United States is irrelevant.

In the meantime, the attitude that a candidate has towards power is important to me. Where do they fall on the “power over” vs. “power with” spectrum? Do they want to build power or take power? Who do they share their power with? Who do they wield their power against?

I voted for Warren. Her inability to get past ego and truly listen to Native critics is inexcusable. I’ve seen the humility, listening, and empowerment that she’s brought to conversations with other marginalized communities. Native people deserved that Warren.

I like Bernie Sanders’ policies. I think he’s a good person who is genuinely trying to do his best to enact badly needed social change. I also think that people commonly react to power-over trauma by engaging in power-over behavior themselves.

When I see a campaign culture of taking power whenever possible, and a willingness to share power with people like Rogan & Williamson at the expense of trans & disabled people, I worry. I will canvass for him in the General, but I worry.

I’ve watched Warren learn to listen on a range of issues, although definitely not as many as she needs to. I’ve seen Sanders change his mind on a few things, but on the whole, the Sanders movement doesn’t seem to find value in outside feedback.

Some critics are Michael Bloomberg moderates who don’t know any better, and you can value their feedback appropriately. Some critics are queer disabled WOC, and you should value their feedback appropriately too.

I’ve been listening to the archives of the Medicine for the Resistance podcast (highly recommend) and there’s a quote that keeps coming up about voting for the government you want to organize under. I’d rather have to teach Warren than fight Sanders.

(And obviously, I’d rather have to fight Sanders than directly liberate the means of production under Biden or Bloomberg. And I’d rather have to directly liberate the means of production under Biden or Bloomberg than hide my neighbors in my attic from Trump.)

I voted by mail right after Warren’s debate performance against Bloomberg. I hoped that would matter more. I certainly won’t argue with people who want to vote strategically. But just in case anyone out there is a character in an SF/F plot and finds themselves back in 2017:

1) Convince Sanders to put his 2016 machine behind Warren in exchange for a significant voice on policy.

2) Convince Warren to sit down with Rebecca Nagle and Robin DiAngelo for as long as it frigging takes.

3) Convince Blumberg to take up gardening.

4) Convince Biden to stay home with his family

5) Convince Buttigieg to spend some time with some Queer community elders

6) Convince Steyer to get into biochar

7) Convince Andrew Yang to start learning about settler colonialism

8) Convince Tulsi Gabbard to… go away…?

9) Convince Klobuchar to take up daily NVC practice

10) Convince Williamson to run on a different spiritual plane (WHILE APOLOGIZING TO DISABLED PEOPLE)

11) Convince the large mass of undifferentiated white dudes that it is not going to be worth all that paperwork

So those are my opinions on the 2020 primary to date. I will now go back to cleaning my house and learning things.

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