Podcast Recommendations

I was a very early adopter when it comes to podcasts, and being able to take in detailed policy analysis for 8-10 hours a day while I’m getting the rest of my life done has played a huge role in shaping my political and policy views. Here are a few podcasts that I currently listen to and think are particularly valuable:

  1. Amicus – Constitutional law and news about the Supreme Court
  2. Civics 101 – A wide-ranging podcast that does deep dives on aspects of government and democracy that even those of us who think we’ve seen it all might not know
  3. Code Switch – An NPR podcast about race, and one of the best ways for white Americans to break out of our bubble
  4. FiveThirtyEight Politics – One of the better “pure politics” podcasts. You won’t get much policy analysis, but you will get a very good sense of what’s going on and how much it matters from a horse race perspective
  5. Invisibilia – A look at the unseen forces that influence our behavior and society. A little neuroscience, a little social psychology, a lot of really cool stories and analysis
  6. Left, Right, and Center – A weekly discussion featuring pundits from different perspectives. A good way to get exposure to the National Review without getting overdosed and wanting to punch stuff (usually)
  7. On the Media – An absolute must for learning how to think critically about the news and the hidden factors that shape what makes it to mass media
  8. Opening Arguments – A newer podcast that I only found out about this year (2018), but it rapidly became one of my favorites. In-depth analysis of legal issues in the news, but with an amazing sense of humor and fun
  9. The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe – A podcast about science, critical thinking, and the ways those things get undermined by our societal love of woo
  10. The Weeds – The podcast that basically breaks the “in-depth” scale. Very detailed, very wonky policy discussions
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