Critical Thinking Coloring Page: Vaccinate Against BS!

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This critical thinking coloring page celebrates the importance of scientific skepticism and awareness of our own cognitive biases. We live in an age of information overload, and without turning a critical eye towards the messages we receive, we risk absorbing marketing and propaganda.

For example, confirmation bias makes us view information that conforms to our existing beliefs as more credible than information that challenges them.

Normalcy bias convinces us that sudden changes in our situation are less likely than they might actually be, and encourages us to ignore potential disasters.

Choice supportive bias warps the emotional tone of our memories to convince us that the choices we made in the past were correct.

The Ben Franklin Effect causes us to view those we have helped as good people, and those we have harmed as bad people.

We can only trust our own intellects to the degree to which we understand its weaknesses. By learning more about critical thinking and cognitive biases, we build ourselves the toolkits we need to achieve greater objectivity in our assessments of the world.

So celebrate science, logic, and skepticism with this critical thinking coloring page today.



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