Reproductive Justice Coloring Page: Abortion Saves Lives!

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Reproductive rights are under attack in the United States and in other countries where conservative religious ideology is used as a tool for subjugating the population. We can fight the stigma and oppressive systems behind it by educating people about the history of abortion and by celebrating the good it can do through things like this reproductive justice coloring page.

For most of Christian history, the position of Christians and of the Church was that until a fetus began moving in the womb, it has not received the “breath of life” and was simply a part of a woman’s body. It was completely normal for women who didn’t wish to bear a child at that time to take herbal remedies to “bring on the menses” and terminate an early pregnancy.

This changed in the late 1800s for the Catholic Church after heavy lobbying by the growing profession of male physicians, who feared competition from midwives and sought to cut off one of their most common client services. It changed for Evangelical Protestants after they lost their fight to preserve segregation in “Christian” schools and needed a new unifying political issue to bind them to conservative political interests.

A person who carries a pregnancy to term is ten times more likely to die than one who has a legal abortion. People have been using abortifacient herbs for thousands of years to protect their health, remain in balance with their environment, and ensure that children were only born when the resources were available to feed and nurture them.

Reproductive justice is an essential pillar of social justice and a regenerative future. We owe it to our children to ensure that they will not be born into a world that isn’t ready to care for them. Ready yourself for the work to come with this reproductive justice coloring page today.


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