The Problem With Nice People

I just broke down crying in front of the manager of the kennel where Scruffy goes for grooming because she asked how I was.

She and I have chatted at least once a week for nearly a year now, and I’d say we’re friends at this point. She’s a deeply kind-hearted person and fairly open-minded for the Springs.

She’s also someone who voted for Trump.

And that’s the thing: people who voted for Trump aren’t monsters. It would be more reassuring if they were, because then we could count on all the nice people that we see every day to stand up for us when we needed them to.

But the nice lady at the kennel, who believes that everyone should be free to believe whatever they want, who rushed to reassure me that I would always be safe there, who was heartbroken to hear about the harassment my friends and family were already facing, voted for Trump.

She will be sad to hear about families being split up by a Deportation Force.

She will be bothered by the idea of Muslims being put into a registry.

She will think it’s wrong when gay teenagers are sent to torture-your-kid-straight conversion camps.

But she won’t do a damn thing to stop it.

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